Cause + Coffee = Purpose Brew

About Purpose Brew Coffee

effective fundraising for consumers!

We have created the most practical, cost-effective and streamlined approach to fundraising, with the love of coffee being at the heart of it. It's hard to find people who don't have coffee on a daily basis and even fewer who don't have at least one cup a week.

A Win-Win For Everyone!

What better way to support an organization than to make a purchase of something you love and already consume regularly!

"But, wait. I love my old brand!"

We understand taste and loyalty. That's why we take care to provide a high quality and fresh roast to make the switch easy and become your preferred brand!
  • 4-Step Process


Private Label
Purpose Brew Coffee works directly with you to get your logo and custom coffee branding just right.

Promotional Materials Supplied
We’ll provide you with all the promotional materials you’ll need to get started. Simply distribute the materials to your network of parents and volunteers.

We Handle Your Purchases
Visitors can make purchases directly from your organization's website (which we develop) to support your school or organization.

Earn 20% per Dollar
Your school or organization gets 20% of every retail dollar spent in subscriptions and sales
Maximize your fundraising with every cup of coffee!