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Purpose Brew Coffee makes raising funds for your school or non-profits easy, while promoting a product people regularly buy and enjoy.


Cause + Coffee = Purpose Brew

Plain, unbranded sample bag

Sign up. Click. Earn.

Cause + Coffee = Purpose Brew

See just how easy it is.

5-Step Process

Private Label

Purpose Brew Coffee works directly with you to get your logo and custom coffee branding just right.

Promotional Materials Supplied

We’ll provide you with all the promotional materials you’ll need to get started. Simply distribute the materials to your network of parents and volunteers.

We Handle Your Purchases

Visitors can make purchases directly from our main website to support their school or organization.

Earn 30% per Dollar

Your school or organization gets 30% of every retail dollar spent in subscriptions and sales.

Ships Within 48 Hours of Roasting

We handle the rest - Social Brew Coffee ships each order within 24 hours of roasting!

Maximize your fundraising with every of coffee!

What Makes Us Different?

Our online model means

No door-to-door stress.

3 out of 4 Americans

drink coffee every day!

You won’t be promoting boring products that nobody wants.

Online Purchases make collecting funds easy.

Don’t worry about cash!

Fresh to Your Customers

In 48 Hours of Roasting

Our coffee is extremely fresh. Coffee lovers will love it!

We ship the product directly to the purchaser.

No Inventory Tracking!

You don’t have to worry about managing or tracking inventory.

Sip. Savor. Score!

No waiting to count your earnings. Funds are immediately earned with our online shop. We have everything you need to reach your goals with our convenient, mobile-friendly system order and delivery in comforts of home.

Work Smarter, not harder.

Sign up. Click. Earn.

Fundraising made easy.

Cause + Coffee = Purpose Brew

Each seller has unique identifier to direct and track sales, as well as collect payment. All orders are shipped directly to customers.

Start fundraising for your organization.

You could start earning today.